July 18, 2013

Crew 2 - Day 3

It was Day 3 for Crew 2 today at Dave's.  High humidity
arrived along with very warm temperatures. After our morning prayer
on the front porch, Paula, James, Emily, Jacqui and I got to work
sanding the ceilings in the living room, while Tim and Phil returned
to the roof to finish that project once and for all. It really
came out great and they will take comfort in knowing that Dave
will be kept dry for the restof his life due to their efforts.
Crew 6 returned for a third day and made tremendous
progress on the ramp.
At one point, we saw Dave standing on the deck
about 15 feet from his chair looking out over the rail and admiring the
work of Jamie, Chris V., Jake, Aidan, Spencer, Cam and Chris.
We had not seen Dave up and out of his chair when he was
outside so it was a big deal to the kids. We suspect he is getting
excited about the prospect of putting his two feet on the
ground for the first time in a long time. Work inside was dirty
and the 5 of us were covered in plaster dust before 10:00 a.m.
We then moved on to the bedroom that was added to our list of
things to do yesterday.  The ceiling and insulation came down
as did several nests of birds and mice that had decided to live
with Dave. There is a large hole in the wall that opens up
to the outside. Some structural work has to be done and
we may not be the best group for the job.  We put on a second
coat of plaster in the living room and bathroom.
Then it was back into the bedroom to put up new insulation
and sheet rock.  Our eleven year old friend and his sister
came down to Dave's with their Mom in the afternoon.
We gave them their gifts and it was a terrific moment.
Phil would describe it later in the day as catching a glimpse
of God and feeling the power of the Holy Spirit when he
looked into the eyes of the little girl as she receive her
new doll.  Her brother couldn't wait to start playing his
new Nintendo game.  Now he has two to choose from.
A bag of Baby Ruth Bars (Dave's favorite) shared between
us all made the celebration of new friends complete.
We left the trailer at 5:00 p.m. and we were all tired.
Paula and I felt it especially as we sat in the van during the
ride back the ASP Center.  It was good to be off our feet
and we all agreed that is was a "good tired" as well.
During our evening reflection, we talked about God's
unconditional love. We cannot love as God loves.
We are not capable of that kind of love because
God is selfless and we are often selfish; God is joyous
over our successes while we are often jealous of the
successes of others; God does not find happiness in
another person's pain, while silently, we sometimes do;
God does not reject us even though we sometimes reject
him or blame him for things that happen to us; God
always put others before himself; we often race to the
front of the line to be first; God would never do anything to
bring us sadness or upset or worry, yet we go through life
occasionally acting in ways that we know are hurtful to
other people.  We cannot be closer to God or understand
if there even is a God when we are rude or quick-tempered
or jealous or impatient or pompous or boastful or selfish
or mean because God is none of these things.
This week it has been hard to put self-interest first.
Instead, we have put others first, we have been
humbled by better understanding how other people
live with so little, and at the same time, we have
been denied so much of what we are accustom to having.
This week we are closer to God because we have been
in places where he is present.
We must all ask ourselves if we are looking for our
Creator in the right places....and we must recognize
that the spirit of humility and self-denial precede a
deeper and closer relationship with Him.
We miss you all. Paula, Greg, Tim, Jacqui, Phil, Emily and James.


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Elizabeth Puopolo on July 19, 2013 10:17 AM
Truly a life-altering experience for you all.
"Whatsoever you do for the least of My people, that you do unto Me."
You are  "Living the Christ"
God bless you all for all you're doing, physically, emotionally, spiritually 
safe travels as you return to your families this weekend
Elizabeth Puopolo 
Greg Connly on July 22, 2013 8:03 PM
Thank you very much for your support and prayers throughout our journey.  It was an amazing week.


Michele Connly Scola on July 19, 2013 7:37 AM
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the selfless work you are doing, the impact that you are making is bringing you all closer to God and that he is smiling on your efforts! Blessings and love! Thanks for the great update!

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