July 16, 2013

Crew 5 - Day 2

Another great day for Crew 5 today.  
We got to spend more time getting to know one of the women 
whose house we are working on.  We look forward to her joining the 
crew for our lunch break tomorrow.

The teens all worked so hard today.  

Every day they learn something new and it is great 
to see them overcoming some of their fears and really putting 
all of their effort into the tasks we need to complete. 

There is a real sense if caring among the group and a sense 
of happiness that they can bring joy to someone else through 
the work they are doing.  
Each night they are opening up to the group more 
and more about what their experiences have been.
We look forward to another productive day tomorrow and the 
opportunity to learn more about our homeowner and to share 
some things about ourselves with her.

We will check in again tomorrow.

Mary Flavin


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Lynn Cullen on July 17, 2013 8:12 PM
Thanks for the updates.  Thinking of you all every day and so glad to hear that the trip is going so well.  I think Luke has a smile on his face in every picture I see of him!

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