July 16, 2013

Crew 5 - Day one

Crew 5 (Mr. Lane, Mrs. Flavin, Eli, Julia, Kayla, Kyle, 
Luke and Lindsey had a great Day 1 at our worksite.
  The family we are assisting consists of two sisters
 who share a house.  They were very happy to see us
 and appreciative if our help. 

All of the work we are doing is on the exterior of the house.  
We are finishing up some vinyl siding and installing soffets.  
Everyone in the group rose to the
 occasion (despite the heat (95 degrees) and really
 hit the ground running.  

It was great to see the teens involved in the planning, 
and problem solving obstacles that came up along the way.  
I think every one of us learned something new and found
 ourselves doing things we didn't know we could do.

As a group the teens are really coming together
 and watching out for each other.  
It is great to see the teamwork!    All in all it was a great
 day on the worksite and at the ASP center.

We will check in again at the end of Day 2.


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