July 13, 2013

Why Appalachia?

ASP center where they will be staying
ASP center where they will be staying

In the Central Appalachian region...

  • Poverty is more than double the national average
  • One in four lives below the poverty level-105,000 children, 195,000 adults, and 35,000 elderly
  • 62,500 homes are substandard
  • 19,000 homes lack adequate kitchens
  • 21,000 homes lack complete plumbing
  • Nearly half of the families have annual household incomes below $20,000
The result is that jobs are few and far between. For many of these families, their modest houses-handed down from generation to generation-are the only real possession they have. But houses need maintenance. And when you don't even have money to put shoes on your kids' feet, fixing a hole in the roof is a low priority.
As a result, the homes are crumbling. Walls buckle. Roofs leak. And sagging floors pose hazards to the elderly and the very young.

What You'll Do at ASP:

  • Make one family's home warmer, safer, and drier
  • Repair roofs, install insulation, fix floors, shore up foundations, build handicapped ramps, and perform a host of other improvements and repairs
  • Worship, bond, and pull together as a group
  • Lift an Appalachian family's spirits and remind them that God's love knows no boundaries

What ASP Will Do for You:

  • Develop a heart for Christian service
  • Discover what you're really made of
  • Help you make a dent in poverty right here in America
  • Give you new appreciation for what you have
  • Draw your group of church closer together
  • Come home more on fire for your faith and more involved in your church or community


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