How are we preparing for the trip? 

Each of our teenagers, in addition to fundraising to help allay the cost of the trip, is undergoing training to prepare for the rigors and demands of the Appalachia Service Project. 

In a series of three study nights, on March 12, April 9 and May 21, the teens begin to learn about the culture of Appalachia and the theme of this years service: "Love in Action".

When June rolls around, all of the teenagers will participate in construction training at the Home Depot in order to make sure they have the necessary skills to be of service when we reach West Virginia. 

During these months of preparation, we ask the teens to pray for their peers, their chaperones, and the families in Appalachia that we will be serving. It is imperitive to not only prepare our minds and bodies for the trip, but also our hearts.

Many of the teens who have participated in our previous trips have described the experience as "life changing". Please look through our photo albums and videos from previous years to get an idea of the kind of trip we will be leaving on, in just a few short months!