July 20, 2015

Day 1 from Crew 3

 Journey to Jonesville
Crew 3 Kiana Lozzi, Kale Rockey, Nick Lombardi, Ian McLaughlin, and Connor O'Reilly 
We departed Holy Cross at around 5 and were on the road to Roanoke until about 6. Everyone mostly slept the entire way. We stayed at a beautiful, welcoming church and went to mass in the morning. Then departed again and for lunch we ate at a nice pizza place. For appetizers our group leaders ordered us fried pickles and fried green beans which enamored controversial and diverse tastes. After our final 5 hours we arrived at Jonesville! Along the way we met many stray kittens and fed some. Our group leaders found out the families we would be helping and even visited the sites. Tomorrow we have to wake up early to also meet the families. 


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